Still Rotting

by Castle Freak

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released June 28, 2014

Andrew Gigan - Guitar/Vocals
Blaze Reichert - Guitar
Dylan Zdanavage - Bass
Pierson Roe - Drums

Recorded by Cassidy McGinley
Mastered by David Prae
Art by Diego Bureau



all rights reserved


Castle Freak Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Beneath These Streets
beneath these streets a mutant colony
savages who dream of conquering the city
alienated, covered up forced underground
late at night you can hear them howl
stalking the sewers feeding on rats
primitive freaks wielding baseball bats
climb above from the depths they've come
the bludgeoning has just begun

mindless violence and riots erupt
tonight was the night the creeps rose up
over turning cars smashing in skulls
lock your doors they're invading homes
fires raging smoke blankets the sky
closing the slaughter in which many die
of the human race they are the raw meat
subhumans from beneath these streets
Track Name: Sickening Corpses
government facility
shrouded in mystery
inside a virus bred
to raise the dead

mishap; an eerie night
cemetery in the moonlight
the sleeper has awaken

decomposing mindless fucks
covered in their coffins dust
deprave the entire earth
make them pay for mass rebirth

napalm raids in cities around the globe
in hopes this epidemic can be slowed
wiped out in the undeads cloud of disease
modern science spawned the end of humanity
Track Name: Sherm
grown in a closet of the mortuary
tainted with the nectors of death
embalming fluid laced mary jane
a high that is sure to possess

an outbreak of creeps
stalking streets
no one is slated to survive
mentally ill
this weed kills
via cannibal crime

zombification surly awaits
most users never return
death is instantanious
for those who fuck around with sherm
Track Name: Caught in a Casket
within this coffin
under the ground
crunching of dirt
disturbing sound
the brain stays alive
conscienous stays
rotting, the way...
for the flesh to decay

caught in a casket

impending dread
an eternity to dwell
being dead
it's own personal hell
to re-live your life
night after night
and feel the worms crawl in
bite after bite
Track Name: Rotting
welcome to this shallow grave
where corpses come to rot
hiding place of the derranged
slaughtered without thought
decomposing body parts
they're buried in a pile
rancid winds from below
a smell so horribly vile

it's been months since they made the kill
but she's rotting still

a sight to make the eyes tear
gnawed remains a disgusting reek
innards leave a slimey trail
open sores constantly seep
butchered women violated
all skulls missing teeth
this psycho loved his women
but not in one piece