Castle Freak Demo 2012

by Castle Freak

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released September 21, 2012

Andrew Gigan - Guitar/Vox
Blaze Reichert - Bass
Pierson Roe - Drums



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Castle Freak Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sacrificial Night
My whole life I have served
a slave to his will
an ancient god possesses me
and forces me to kill

I will cut I will kill
carving all night long
for my master's forgotten flesh
I'll stalk until dawn

a sacrifice for his ways
slaughter must be made
prowling late on the streets
with a ten inch blade

I will gut I will kill
carving all night long
for my master's forgotten flesh
I'd stalk until dawn
Track Name: Toxic Winds
A black future of tanks crushing skulls
burning bodies lying in holes
an apocalypse coming in winds of war
melting humanity down to the core
toxic winds choke out all life
this wasteland earth in eternal night

smog clouds hide whatevers left of the sun
nuclear war leads to our own destruction
our mutated offspring rise after years
deformed freaks raised on nuclear fears
neanderthals sequel inherits the earth
humans as animals in putrid rebirth
Track Name: Ripping Flesh
In the night
I haunt this world
a deformed freak
that loves to kill girls

look in my eyes
as I peel apart your flesh
when I'm through with you
there won't be anything left

your putrid remains
dinner for junkyard dogs
feeding frenzy
rip your corpse apart

I'm ripping flesh
ripping your flesh
Track Name: Fumigation
forced out
with reefer smoke
with just one toke

burn their eyes
burn their throat
get them high
make them choke
Track Name: Rats In The Morgue
enter the morgue dressed in white
full moon shines evil tonight
the scent of decay is putrid and raw
like the sound of the rats starting to gnaw

rats in the morgue

white foam drips off their teeth
ready to claw and humanoid meat
horrifying hordes of rodent scum
rabid as shit and hungry for blood

gnawing cadavers infection spreads
come alive wake up the dead
rabid corpses hungry for blood
revived by rodent scum
walking corpses there's rats in the morgue
walking corpses there's rats in the morgue